DIY Prawn & Shrimp Hat Paper Toy

A unique hat made with paper and it's a shrimp shape. Free template and pattern that you can download by ajinamoto.
You may want to check this out. It's cool because I thought it's just normal cute shrimp paper model. But after I checked the template, it turn out that its size is big and specially prepared as a hat. Kids would love this for sure.

shrimp hat paper toy

Make Tiger Paper Toy For Kids

I have featured a quite number of tiger papercraft from simple to advance. So you are suppose to have many more choices now. Anyway, I prefer this tiger paper toy since it's cute and not too difficult to assemble. I would even suggest it for kids or school project. We could make a paper zoo if we have more of similar craft. Anyway, it is made specially for 2010 new year. You can check more of them at the bottom of this post.

paper tiger for kids

Insect - Stag & Atlas beetle paper model

For insects, check these stag and atlas beetle paper models. The templates are free, prepared by Yamaha Motor PaperCraft.

I thought i could find more of the similar craft but sadly only 2 of them at yamaha motor site. I found a butterfly too, but i will future it in my next post for it since it's at different site. Trust me, insect paper model is kinda rare compare to others. There are some in origami form and they are interesting but that is all. So i wish if you have found any interesting one and not yet being featured here, please leave me a message and I can add it at this site.

Animal beetle papercraft

Animal - Easter Rabbit Paper Model

A cute easter rabbit papercraft holding a carrot that you can make and add into your collection. The template is free to download prepared by epson.

It is another paper model that is worth sharing specially for this Easter. If you follow this blog and checked my previous post of easter egg, you should have already noticed this rabbit since it's being featured on the same page. Both templates are made and shared by epson special for easter day celebration. They are cute and easy to make. Definitely love these.

Eater bunny papercraft

Cartoon - Miffy White Rabbit Paper Toy

A cute cartoon papercraft named Miffy, the white little rabbit is up to grab. It has free template that you can download courtesy of asahi.com for its 50th celebration.

Honestly I'm not really familiar with this character until I check the wiki. Well, I have never thought it was that famous, may be it's actually famous among kids. And if you are also clueless, here is a brief into about Miffy taken from wiki. Also check Miffy official site, it's cute.

Miffy is a small female rabbit in a series of picture books drawn and written by Dutch artist Dick Bruna. The first Miffy book was produced in 1955, and almost 30 others have followed. In total they have sold over 85 million copies, and inspired a television series and other merchandises.

Cute Miffy paper model

DIY Easter Egg Paper Basket Pattern

The cute and irresistible paper bag and basket, free for Easter Day. The basket can be used to hold easter egg or as a normal everyday paper basket and also for decoration.

It's really cute and it has free template and pattern that you can download. So you can have as many as you want depend on how much time you're willing to spend on making it. The cool part is, it can also be used in any other event and not only for Easter day. It's because the badge that you see in the sample can be removed and replaced with Thank you badge. They are included in the template.

Cute paper basket

DIY Hospital Building Paper Model

To complete the paper town collection, I would like to share this hospital building paper model by Canon Creative Park. It has free template pattern that you can download.

For your information, I've featured fire station and school building in my previous post. And not only that, there are also fire truck and school bus papercrafts to complete the sets. All of them can be used to make a complete town scenario. Take this hospital for example, I'm planning to look for ambulance paper model next. So how do you like it? If you have a craft project which consist of town building you just come to a right place.

hospital papercraft for kids

Hello Kitty Cube Craft Paper Toy

I did make a post about cubeecraft before. It was about hell boy cubecraft, a popular comic character. And now it's hello kitty which won't lose in a matter of popularity. It surprise me a little because I heard there are many websites which were asked to remove their hello kitty related art works because of copyright matters. So now is your chance, grab the template for this hello kitty paper toy when it's still available.

Hello kitty paper craft toy

Easter Egg Paper Model & Toy Printable

A cute hatching egg + chick papercraft special for Easter day. The template is free to download, prepared by epson.

It's quite common for us to give priority to seasonal art work above all the others. For instance, the incoming ester day. Well, I found many easter related papercraft that I would love to share with my readers. And it'll become the most wanted stuffs soon, at least till it lasted. So if you want to join the crowd, come and grab this cute Easter egg.

easter egg papercraft

Animals - Long Tail Bird Paper Model

It's a bird papercraft. A cute long tail bird paper model for your collection. Free printable template that you can download, and tutorial by mekr200

The name of the bird is kinda weird. It's called Long-tailed Tit, under Aegithalos caudatus species. It is a very small bird at only 13–15 cm in length including its very long tail, which makes up 7–9 cm of the total. You can find more info about it at wiki, Long tailed tit (bird). To get the printable template for this, you need to read the hint in the note section. Because the site is in flash so it's a bit tricky.

Bird papercraft

Birthday Wedding Cake Pop Out Card

Another beautiful yet delicious greeting card for happy birthday and wedding. It has cake shape pop up that will stunned everyone who see it. Free template and pattern by Canon Creative Park.

So what do you think of it? Cute right.. But it's not easy to make. If you are a skilled crafter you can try it and get the same pop up as you see in the picture. Well, it has 2 decoration types that you can choose to put on the cake, either fruit or flower. Want more? It can also be converted into wedding card because there are 2 message plates provided, Happy Birthday and Happy Wedding. Also 2 color base that can be used, red or blue.

Birthday cake pop up

Cube Shape Animal Paper Toy For Kids

Check these cute cubeecraft of animal paper toys by PaperBoxWorld. Beside animals there are also cars and special seasonal cube craft such as christmas.

They look cartoonish, cute and well made, right? Making them are also easy since they are cube shape paper toys. This collection is also suitable for kids and with guidance from parents if needed. So far, animals that were made into paper toys are rabbit, chicken, cow, turtle, crab, gold fish and others. While for cars, there are ambulance, fire truck, taxi etc. You better visit the site and check the rest of them yourselves.

Cute box shape animal papercraft

Free BMW E28 Car Paper Model

BMW 5 Series E28 paper model is up for your collection. Download you free printable template at Hara-p's Room.

Do you remember what I said before? I'm gonna keep featuring car papercraft till I cover as many model of paper cars available on the internet. Well, there are so many, like hundreds of them and it won't bother me much because I have such free time and I don't think I will stop online till ten years ahead. Well, I don't know much about BMW car especially E28 model except it's an old model. It was manufactured in 1980s and its top speed was about 134 mph. You can find more info about it on wiki, info on BMW 5 Series (E28).

car papercraft

Musical Instrument - Guitar Paper Model

Series of guitar paper crafts and models that you can make, free printable template by paperguitar.

I may not know much about this musical instrument, but I do know that they look cool and real. From my exploration, I found tens of paper guitars at the site including Gibson, Gretsch series and also others which I've never heard of. If you are fan of musical instruments, paper modeler and especially someone who love guitar you better check out the site because it is not only about papercraft but also real info about guitars in general.

guitar paper models

DIY Gift Box Shape Popup Card Pattern

A beautiful pop up card of 3D gift box shape. This kirigami has free pattern and template that you can download by Maria Victoria Garrido.

For a special occasion, a beautiful pop up card like this might be a good choice to accompany your endearing gift and present. Just one event that comes to my mind, birthday! I found another card with cake shape for birthday that I will share with you next time. But please enjoy this beautiful art work first, because it's rare to find such craft being shared freely. Most of a good DIY card usually cost us money for its template.

Gift box card

Animals - Hamster Paper Toy For Kids

A Simple animal papercraft, hamster paper toy for kids to make by using the free template courtesy of Yo & Motoko.

It's really easy to make. The hamster body is in cylinder shape, yellow and white color. It remind me of hamtaro, characters of japanese cartoon series though they actually have bigger eyes. Not just a dot like this hamster. But it's still cute nevertheless. But I could not really tell this is a hamster till i read the title. hehe

cute hamster paper toy

School Bus Paper Toy For Kids

A simple school bus that is easy to make even for kids. The free template pattern is provided and prepared by Canon Creative Park

Did you check school building papercraft in my previous post? So this school bus paper model is to complete the set. But if you are looking for another type of bus you will need to wait for awhile. I found a good website of tour buses that I'll save for my future post.

school bus papercraft

School Building Paper Model For Kids

It's a school building papercraft for kids to make. It has free template pattern that you can download and save prepared by Canon.

I believe many kids are looking for this school building template either for a fun making it during weekend or forced-to-make last minute paper craft school project. So now you can have it complete with assembling instruction. It is rather simple. It's like folding / making a box. There are trees and student paper dolls too. Together with other building, such as fire station papercraft you can make a complete town.

school building papercraft

B20 Steam Locomotive Paper Model

B20 steam locomotive is a small-sized locomotive for the short distance transport. From 1944 to 1946, the manufacturing industies, Tateyama, and JNR Kouriyama Works, had produced 15 trains of this class. Now 2 of the trains are being kept at Umekouji steam locomotives museum and another museum. I read a news from somewhere that it had been reconstructed in 2002. If you want to see the close up picture of it try check it here, JNR's Steam locomotive B20 class.

train locomotive papercraft

Cute bunny rabbit paper model

Rabbit papercraft, Netherland dwarf species is up for your collection. It is prepared by Canon Creative Park with free template to download.

In my previous post, I featured a simple rabbit paper toy that is simple for kids. Now i love to share with you this one but a more advance paper toy and cute nevertheless. And you know, as long as this blog is alive I think I can not move far away from Canon Creative Park since there are so many cute papercrafts there to share. So please coop with me if the stuff that I'm featuring today and later on are somewhat popular, that they have been seen at someone else blogs.

cute rabbit papercraft

Town Paper Craft - Fire Station Building Model

Free fire station building paper model. It's for kid's school project towards making a complete papercraft town.

Did you check my previous post on fire truck paper toy? This fire station is to complete the set. Now you can start making your paper town since more of this type of building will be featured and introduced. Beside houses, a town must consist of public buildings such as fire station, hospital, shop and others. Something cool about this set is you will get also a couple of firemen paper dolls.

fire station paper toy

DIY Fire Engine Paper Toy For Kids

PaperCraft for kids and school projects - It is an easy to make fire engine paper toy with free template and pattern prepared by Canon Creative Park.

Every year, such simple paper models are being seek for kid's school project. Some of them are public buildings and vehicle. You can find paper cars everywhere but public transportation such as buses are limited. Pattern or template for fire engine is even more rare. So I'll try to gather some free worth sharing craft for kid's school project especially on paper models and toys here.

fire engine papercraft

Animals - Rabbit Paper Toy For Kids

Check this cute rabbit papercraft. It's easy to assemble with free printable template to download. A beautiful art work by e-maruman

It's definitely cute. Most important of all it's free and easy to make so I'll recommend it for kids as well. Beside this gray one, there are also white, and brown color rabbits. Well, It fits easter day theme if you prefer cute paper toys as decoration.

Cute bunny paper toy

Paper Car : Ferrari F50 3D Paper Model

I found quite number of paper cars that are worth sharing. There are many types and brands, from Ferrari series, BMW, Porshe and Japanese manufactured cars such as Honda and Toyota. All of them will be used to fill my blog spots in the future. But for now, just enjoy this ferrari F50.

The Ferrari F50 sport car was introduced in 1995 to celebrate the company's 50th anniversary. It has two doors, two seats convertible with a removable hardtop. 4.7 L naturally-aspirated 60-valve V12 engine is used and it was developed from the 3.5 L V12 used in the 1992 Ferrari F92A Formula One car. And its top speed is about 202 mph, awesome.

ferrari card papercraft

Star Wars Artoo-Detoo (R2-D2) Paper Model

A papercraft for Star Wars fans. Artoo-Detoo (R2-D2) that you can add into your paper toy collection with free pdf template to download prepared by Shunichi Makino.

Everybody must have watch Star Wars Movie at least once in their entire life. So they will recognize this character for sure. Not a fodder, but a main character for the entire series along with Anakin Skywalker who later become Darth Vader, Obi-Wan Kenobi, C-3PO and few others. It is designed by Shunichi Makino and can be accessed at his site, sf-papercraft. Beside R2-D2 there are other paper models of Star Wars such as fighter airships and robots.

R2 D2 papercraft

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