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DIY Prawn & Shrimp Hat Paper Toy

A unique hat made with paper and it's a shrimp shape. Free template and pattern that you can download by ajinamoto.
You may want to check this out. It's cool because I thought it's just normal cute shrimp paper model. But after I checked the template, it turn out that its size is big and specially prepared as a hat. Kids would love this for sure.

shrimp hat paper toy

Information :
Free template : Yes
Assembly instruction : Yes
Notes : Either be it for party or just for fun, you can make this shrimp using the free template that is available at ajinamoto website. Anyway, to get the template is kinda tricky because the site is in japanese and it uses flash. So pay close attention to my words. First, visit the site using banner below. Wait till flash fully loaded and look at the links at the bottom of the page. There are 5 links and you want to choose the last link with scissor icon. Got it? Just click the scissor and it will bring you to the craft page. There are many other art works there that might catch your attention. For all of them, the templates can be download using the pdf icon next to their pictures. It has just one pdf file for each respective papercraft, both template and assembling tutorial are inside it.

Credit : www.ffa.ajinomoto.com

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