DIY Kaola Bear Paper Craft Toy

Again about animal papercraft and yet another kaola bear paper toy for your collection. I could not find many koala and the only interesting one is found at Canon website. Talking about koala bear, it's a special species of animal that can only be found in coastal regions of eastern and southern Australia. It depends entirely on eucalypt leaves as food to live. Eating for 3 hours and sleeping like 16 - 18 hours a day. LOL

Koala Bear

Cute Raichu Pokemon Paper Toy

Check out this raichu papercraft toy by Paperpokes. You can make it yourself using free template provided by them.

Looking at this raichu papercraft will make you think that it's complicated. Well, assembling it is quite difficult. For short, it's on a new level of crafting. Especially when you need to grab a software to open the template then print it out from it. There is no tutorial to guide you too. Fortunately the software is free with just a small size of file to download. And about raichu, I think most of pokemon / pikachu fans know it. It's actually an advance or evolve version of pikachu, right?

Koala Bear Shape Money Box PaperCraft

I remember posting a post on money box papercraft with football shape during last FIFA world cup season which is worth checking out. While for girls, here is a cute animal shape money box for your collection. It's koala bear by Ryo Tokisato. You can either use it t save your money or just for decoration. And I know certain someone who will like this because she just loves koala bear. Though I personally think the money and panda are much cuter. Unfortunately, no free template for them.

Game - Harvest Moon Cow Paper Model

Have you ever played harvest moon? Hmm. It's a popular farm story, life simulation, role playing game produced for GBA, Nintendo, Play Station and others. You play a boy / girl character who will try to run a farm, from breeding to planting, selling crops and even get a chance to woo girls that you like and finally get married and have a family. It's fun, guaranteed. So today i will present you something related to it. It's a cow paper model and toy from Harvest Moon game series. Free printable template by KeiCraft.

Cow papercraft

DIY Football Shape Money PaperBox

This really fits the world cup season because it's actually a football shape money box by Canon Creative Park.

This simple, cool paper box is stylish and easy to assemble! Furthermore, the ball can be removed from the stand, meaning you can use it not only to store money but as a toy to roll around. Save money and have fun decorate your table :D

Football money paper box

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