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Cute bunny rabbit paper model

Rabbit papercraft, Netherland dwarf species is up for your collection. It is prepared by Canon Creative Park with free template to download.

In my previous post, I featured a simple rabbit paper toy that is simple for kids. Now i love to share with you this one but a more advance paper toy and cute nevertheless. And you know, as long as this blog is alive I think I can not move far away from Canon Creative Park since there are so many cute papercrafts there to share. So please coop with me if the stuff that I'm featuring today and later on are somewhat popular, that they have been seen at someone else blogs.

cute rabbit papercraft

Information :
Free template : Yes
Assembly instruction : Yes
Notes : Ok, there will be easter day celebration soon, so this bunny is kinda fit the theme. May be I'll try to look for another rabbit related craft later. It has has free template that you can download. You may find it weird when you visit the site since there is no instruction file provided unlike the other papercraft so far. But don't worriy, the instruction is actually included in the template file.

Credit : http://cp.c-ij.com/en/

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