3D Dragon Night Fury Paper Model

From How To Train Your Dragon, presenting you 3D paper model of Night Fury. The most awesome dragon in the movie. Free template is available to download at the site.

I watch the movie like 2 3 times and it is really entertaining. Kids will like it for sure. Beside it, there are other dragons that you can make too like Terrible Terror, a cute small dragon and Gronckle. All of these can be found at its official site, www.howtotrainyourdragon.com

night fury dragon

Cristiano Ronaldo & Beckham Cubeecraft

To celebrate the upcoming FIFA world cup, check these Cristiano Ronaldo and David Beckham cubeecraft by Paulo Oliveira.

Oh yeah, I think I don't need to introduce the players with detail explanation because they are idols. Known even among non-soccer fans. And there is actually a second version of Cristiano Ronaldo cubeecraft in my previous post, wearing Real Madrid jersey if you want.

beckham and ronaldo

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