AIBO Robotic Pet Dog Paper Toy

It is an old papercraft design but it presents something of the future. Robotic pets; how good does that sound. This robotic dog - AiBO was first introduced in 1999 by SONY but then discontinued after 2006. You can read the detail about it at wikipedia on aibo.
Thinking about pet, something robotic would be awesome because it can be programmed to suit what we need. Another good thing about it is that it will give some poor people who have allergic to pets an adorable replacement. Well, to successfully create a perfect robot will take time but I will definitely look forward into it. Until then, lets be satisfied with this paper version of pet dog first.

robotic pet dog papercraft

Simple Treat Box With Free Paper Box Template

If you are looking for a simple paper box or treat box that you can do it yourself, now you have it. It's something that I design which you could find at my official papercraft site. You can check the respective link at the bottom of this post.
The truly unique about this treat box beside of its small size and cute shape is that  it does not need glue to form the box. It's really simple but I also include the a video tutorial and some tips that you will find useful at the site, so make sure to check it out.

Simple Treat box

Easter Paper Basket From Grocery Bag

As promised, here is a good finding on easter related craft. It's creative and amazingly beautiful. A paper basket to put your eggs and the fact that it's a product of recycling from your normal paper bag or grocery bag making it an awesome piece of art.
This is really different that usual because there is no template or pattern to download but it requires your skill on weaving and following the step that are prepared for you. There is pictorial tutorials that you can follow as guidance. Honestly, video tutorials would be awesome but pictures are more than enough to be nevertheless. 

easter basket recycle grocery bag

Brown Holland Lop Rabbit Paper Model

Hey, it will be easter soon - 31st March 2013 right. I have been looking for papercraft that is suitable for it. I was thinking on looking for egg basket, bag or something but I found this cute brown rabbit paper toy instead which is worth sharing too.
Years back, I have made a post on rabbit paper model. The color is grey so if you are looking for another color or to make varied type of bunny then please check it out. The rabbit that I'm presenting today is Holland Lop, smallest breed of lop-eared rabbit. While the previous rabbit was Netherland dwarf species. Both are cute and both can be found at the same site, Canon Creative Park.

Brown holland lop rabbit paper

Cute Stitch Paper Model

I have been looking for this because I have a friend who loves it. Well, I'm sure there are others who love Stitch as well. He is marked by his mischievous behavior, traits that endear him to his friend Lilo, who adopted him as her puppy dog. So why don't try making a paper model of him. It's cute enough as decoration. At least it is something that we build ourselves.
You can also print out a letter set with stitch theme at the site. 2 choices so make sure to check them out too.

Stitch papercraft model

Cute Box Shape Puppy Paper Model

While it's common to see such a cute paper toy, I like this puppy because it's simple yet charming especially with the yellow neckerchief adorning its neck. Kawaii
Well, this dog papercraft is created by Takeo Hayashi. Both the head and body are box shaped - making the construction sturdy. By using thick paper of your choice as a base, you can have it as a cool decoration. You can find this at the site together with a dog house to build for the puppy.

cute puppy papercraft

Parrot Love Bird Papercraft

Hi everyone. Valentine is just around the corner. I was looking for love / valentine theme papercraft to share but then I found this interesting model of love bird. Honestly I did not know there is a species of parrot known as love bird. Anyway, it's a craft by Ikuo Anazawa for Canon Creative Park. So please enjoy it.

It's probably not as detail or life model of paper bird and yes, I have seen many good models of birds and some looked so identical to the real ones. Contrary, they are harder to make and assemble compare to the parrot that I'm sharing today. But if you are interested, I'll share some of them in my next post.

cute parrot love bird

Disney Tinker Bell Paper Model

A cute disney character figurine. It's tinker bell by Julius Perdana. Talking about Disney, I have found many craft on the subject. There are mostly the characters in the movies that are made into paper model, doll, stickers, coloring sheet etc.
About this tinker bell, it looks cute alright but it's not easy to assemble. There are many small parts so you might need to take some times to finish it and hopefully would look good as in the picture :P

tinker bell paper model

Cute Blue Penguin Paper Toy

Need more animal paper toy? Include this cute penguin into your animal craft collection.
It looks like a baby penguin to me but blue seems weird. This papercraft was made in 2006. Yes, such an old art work but it is worth sharing. It's not like we would across such a cute animal every time. Anyway, it's a product by Ryo Tokisato and I have featured many of his works here. Just explore the site to look for them.

blue penguin paper toy

Simple Snake Papercraft for 2012

As I have told you, 2013 is year of snake, so enjoy this snake paper toy by Hideo Tsuchiya.
The snake is actually a simple one. There are no complicated parts because it's only a piece of paper, cutting it in spiral and spring it up to form a figure. Oh well, I do not know if there is anyone who will have this as decoration and snakes in general creep me out. Imagining this reptile wraps over me can already give me a cold sweat.

Snake papercraft 2013

Cute and SImple Whale Paper Toy

There it is, a new paper toy by Ryo Tokisato. A blue / purple color whale is up for your collection. But before I go on further, i want to take this chance to wish you all a happy new year. It's a new beginning, so wish you guys good luck and wonderful 2013.
I should have looked for snake papercraft instead of the whale but I will update with a new one addition later on. Yes, because 2013 is year of snake looking from eastern calendar. Anyway, the whale that I present today is from sperm whale family. Its name derives from a milky-white waxy substance, spermaceti, found in its enormous head. Oh well, you can google up for more info from wiki on sperm whale.

whale paper toy

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