Another Mini Dragon Paper Toy

Another cute mini dragon papercraft for you guys. It's by Ryo Tokisato with free template and instruction.

I notice that it is also green like the dragon paper toy in my previous post, mini dragon paper toy but this is probably more challenging. There are many small parts that would make you confuse, notably they are labeled using japanese words. So it's not for kids unless with guidance which is a great idea. Time to make some bonding with your kids :P

green dragon paper toy

Free Cake Pop up for Birthday Card

Cake pop up mechanism for birthday greeting card with 3 color variations of cake to choose. Free template that you can download, print out and make today.

Happy birthday to this certain someone that i know. I think it's been years since i made a wish to her. Anyway, you guys can enjoy this card that i'm presenting to you today too. It's pretty easy to make and 3 types of cake that you can choose. I think there are chocolate, and cheese cake but not so sure about the other one. Check out the image and tell me what you guys think.

Dragon Head Figure Paper Model 2012

Another awesome paper dragon head figurine. Traditional asian dragon by Takashi Okada.

It's year of dragon indeed, because i have seen many dragon theme papercraft and models being produced. And this papercraft is special because it's all white but we can see the figure clearly. It kinda reminds me of dragon in gaban which i watched when i was a kid. So if you are creative and want to try something different, you can just print out the templates on color paper of your choice and make it colorful :P
It could become a good homework. It's not easy to make because each part is small. But you won't have any problem if you are used in assemble paper model.

White dragon head figure

Dragon Head Papercraft for CNY 2012

An awesome dragon head papercraft to design your table or hang on the wall by Sasatoku.

2012 is year of dragon and it's already September. Kinda late but it's a great finding nevertheless. The size is about the size of adult palm and it is actually not for a beginner. I have checked the tutorial and it is confusing lol. But if you are up for a challenge, i wish you good luck. May year 2012 brings you prosperity and good life.

dragon head papercraft on the wall

Cute Mini Dragon Paper Toy For Kids

There are many cute paper toys at the site which i like to share but please enjoy this cute green dragon first. It is simple but i find it charming and i bet kids will like it. If you have a kid, try encourage him to fold and make this dragon and with your guidance of course. We can not let a kid do the cutting work :D

Green dragon papercraft toy

DIY Valentine Gift Box, Bag and Card 1

I call them sets because all the stuff come in a complete set, gift box, bag, card etc using the same pattern and design of decoration. It's a good choice if you don't have decoration papers at hand but only plain white for printing. Let me remind you though, by using these sets it will cost you some printer inks. So it's advisable to choose light color or white color background template and avoid the dark background to save cost. May be it is good enough when you have no other choice, just for the sake of once per year Valentine's day celebration :P

Valentine gift set

Chinese New Year Popup Greeting Card

Looking for greeting cards for Chinese New Year? Try this CNY pop up with free template by Canon Creative Park.

I have been searching for cards suitable for chinese new year but could not find any notable one. I mean the one made with paper that need to be sent by hand. Most of them are just e-card, thousands of them but I know that some prefer paper-made-greeting-card. Even if it's a traditional one but such card hold much more meaning and sometimes used as home decoration. Plus you have a chance to produce your own card, made by your own effort which is more meaningful. Am i right?

chinese new year card

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