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Simple Treat Box With Free Paper Box Template

If you are looking for a simple paper box or treat box that you can do it yourself, now you have it. It's something that I design which you could find at my official papercraft site. You can check the respective link at the bottom of this post.
The truly unique about this treat box beside of its small size and cute shape is that  it does not need glue to form the box. It's really simple but I also include the a video tutorial and some tips that you will find useful at the site, so make sure to check it out.

Simple Treat box

Information :

Free template : Yes
Assembly instruction : Yes
Notes : This is an easy to make paper box, but I have prepared a video as guideline or short preview on how to form the box. Take a note that the template is blank meaning it's just black and white pattern so you will need colored or decorated paper to give your box a beautiful appearance together with some accessories such as ribbon or stickers if you like. Just check the site for detail and help me promoting it by sharing it with your friends :)

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