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Girl Printable Paper Doll Pattern

Special for kids, it's a paper doll with free template and pattern that you can save and print out by papertoys.com

This is my first post for paper doll since you know, there are not many free paper doll template out there! But don't worry, we already found a couple of them. So we will present you with more in the future. This type of paper art stuff is kinda popular among kids years ago when there are not many advance games like today. It's a low cost hobby and serve as a good material for collection today.

free paper doll template pattern

Information :
Free template : Yes
Notes : Well, it is not like paper model so there is no such thing as assembly instruction. Just cut though the line and done. The template comes in black and white version so you can have your own design here. Kids can color and decorate the paper doll pattern depend on their choice.
The image that you see above is just a sample. So don't save the above pattern. Get your high quality pattern at papertoys.com using banner below

Credit : http://papertoys.com

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