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One piece - Going Merry Paper Model

StrawHat Nakama, Going merry (Ship) papercraft for One piece fans. Free template and instruction by Ninjatoes.

Did you read one of the all time top Japanese manga, One piece? If so, you may be shocked by the current arc moment. I still have mixed feeling about the death of Portgas D Ace, Luffy's brother. It will make the story more interesting but somehow it is sad. Well, I tried to look for Ace paper model but nowhere to be found. So going merry is not bad for a change, right? She's also one of the character which already carved deeply into one piece fans heart. The funeral of Going Merry is one of the saddest moment in One piece for me, a tearful good bye. *sob*

One piece ship

Information :
Free template : Yes
Assembly instruction : Yes
Notes : One thing to remind you, making this ship will consume time. The parts are really small and tiny so you will need a lot of patient. Both template and instruction can be found at ninjatoes website. If you up for challenge, just go on. And for one piece fanatics, it's a must own papercraft :P

Download Going Merry PaperCraft Template

Credit : http://ninjatoes.wordpress.com/

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